Sometimes I think I missed my calling as a mixologist.

Some people collect cards, others spoons. Yet what do I collect on trips? Cocktail recipes!

1806 cocktail bar’s cocktail recipe book (Melbourne)
1806 – the first year when the word cocktail was used. Also a bar which has heaps and heaps of cocktails.

Granted, I’m not the type to collect various bottles of alcohol to drink on my lonesome each night, but it’s awfully fun asking a bartender to give me various ingredients to mix up. Houseparties are also epic fun for mixing things up.

Recent creation? The rum bar – Airlie Beach Qld – Stockists of over 200 types of rum. (Except I didn’t see any Jamaican rum cream on the list so I had to make my own!

Get some flavoured rum – In this case, Sarina Mango Rum and some lovely homemade vanilla ice cream and combine.

Got to try some homemade baileys this weekend. Was delish.
Definitely something for me to make =D