Digital Gadgets

Howdy! You’ll find here in the digital gadgets, a range of things [see the expanded list on the side?]. Basically, a lot of things are either downloadables, or certainly, things to take away with you. =P

One section is on Kisekae dolls – and I’ll be getting some Kisekae doll reviews up soon. Or rather, kisekae doll recommendations xD

In another, you shall find yourself a mirror of the loveless scanlations collected from.. well, across the web. They’re scanlated by a variety of people. The latter ones are scanlated by Shoku-Dan Scanlations.

Eventually, you may find my own attempt at scanlating some Phoenix Wright doujinshis ending up in that corner too.

There’s also a corner with a few bits and pieces of music that I enjoy [and you’ll either like or dislike] in the music player.

Finally, I have some scans and various things hanging around collecting in the garbage bin that is my site’s folders for the past…oh, 3 or 4 years? One day, they may reappear. =D

Last updated: 14th of December, 2007

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