Kisekae Dolls

The Digital Dolls

What are kisekae dolls, you may be wondering? Well, kisekae dolls, also known as KiSS dolls are the equivalent of computer paper dolls. To get to the point historically, the idea of computer program dolls was made up by some Japanese people, so as a result, most of the dolls are anime -> Not that its a problem.

You have a viewer program, which you use to play with the dolls. Some dolls can have effects, music, sound – they can blink and they can react when you click on them.

Of course, the main point of KiSS dolls is the same as that of any other dolls – for dressing them up in whatever outrageous outfit you can make up! *grins*

Okay, to get technical, we need a viewer program. The most commonly used viewer is PlayFKiss. (FKiss, is of course, to put it bluntly, the stuff that makes things look all pretty and gives it the interactive sector).
You can get viewers that suit your computer at

Now kisekae dolls are played within the viewer in the form of .lzh. Yes, it is an archive type file like a .rar or a .zip, but no, you do not extract it as there’s no need for that to be done. However, if you end up downloading a KiSS doll in the form of a .zip, well THEN, you would need to because otherwise – well… it wouldn’t work.

Now to the part you’re all waiting for, or not:

My kisekae dolls


This is Noriko Ukai from the anime Gravitation. She’s from the band in the show Nittle Grasper. Its a pretty big file, but only because there’s about three musical bits. Try and find them! Well, this was my first (and only) doll, for now.


I have also made some templates which you may use. If only because I can’t be bothered to make anything of them. Just right-click and save the link. Do NOT take for your own site, or worse yet, direct link. (It IS pretty simple to find out…) You may use them for kisekae dolls, or pixel dolls which some people are fond of making.

I shall not place the image as an image because there is partial nudity (oh c’mon, its dress a doll after all!) so it’ll just be links.

Template 1 – Girl – Speak

Template 2 – Boy – Chibi Doll

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