Loveless Manga Scanlations

These come either from Obsession or However, the latest scanlations come from Shoku-Dan.
Since these are scanlations, they are translated but these are just megaupload links. Not hosted here. However, mirrors are useful are they not?

Also, as reading pictures in a zip/rar file might not be all too comfortable, there’s the lovely Comic Display/CDisplay program from
Also, if you happen to get a rar file rather than a zip file, an archive opener like winrar or powerarchiver works pretty well.
Volume 1
Volume 2
Volume 3
Volume 4 chapter 1
Volume 4 chapter 2
Volume 4 chapter 3
Volume 4 chapter 4
Volume 4 chapter 5
Volume 4 chapter 6
Volume 4 chapter 7
Volume 4 chapter 8
Volume 4 chapter 9
Volume 4 chapter 10
Volume 5
Volume 6
Volume 7 Chapter 1
Volume 7 Chapter 2
Volume 7 Chapter 3
Volume 7 Chapter 4
Volume 7 Chapter 5
Volume 7 Chapter 6
Volume 7 Chapter 7
Volume 7 Chapter 8
Volume 8 Chapter 1
Volume 8 full [yep, with chapter 1 too]
Volume 9 Chapter 1
Volume 9 Chapter 2
Volume 9 Chapter 3
Volume 9 Chapter 4
Volume 9 Chapter 5
Volume 9 Chapter 6
Volume 9 Chapter 7
Volume 9 Chapter 8
Volume 9 Chapter 9
Volume 9 Chapter 10
Volume 9 Chapter 11
Loveless Artbook – Your Eyes Only

Rapidshare mirrors
Volume 7

115 thoughts on “Loveless Manga Scanlations

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  2. Lav Post author

    -blinks- Perhaps it’s Volume 9? However, if not, there are actually the zero-sum [monthly] chapters which are compiled together to form whatever will be in Volume 8. =)

  3. Lav Post author

    I’m afraid not. I only uploaded them on megaupload because I have a premium account there going to waste >_> Megaupload and rapidshare are the two major ones though..

  4. Crystal

    Has anyone told you you are the best person in the world heck i would ask you to marry me if i was old enough love you love you love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111

  5. mary

    you are absolutely wonderful for putting this up! i have searched, and waited and lost hope, and now that I see it all here… it’s bliss! thank you

  6. te_chan

    Lav…I lava lava u!!!

    I have been wanting to read this ever since I saw the anime on youtube!


  7. JD01

    Thanks so much for the scanlations!
    I have been looking *everywhere* for them ever since I saw the 12 episodes on YouTube. I must say, the mangas are wayyyyyyyyyyyyy better than the TV adaptation. I can’t wait for chapter 5 of volume 9. Do you know by any chance how often the chapters come out?

  8. sakura-chan

    wuuuuuuuaaaaaaaaa thank you very very much i was looking for this manga so badly thanks and keep doing such a good job ^^

  9. FAFA

    hey, i wanna ask…
    why i couldn’t dowload Volume 9 chapter 01??

    and thanks for the scanlations…
    but still, i haven’t download volume9chapter1…
    because it can’t…

  10. Lav Post author

    … I can redownload it. ?_? Link works fine…

    But since its that problematic, I’ll put it on a webpage so its viewable..

  11. FAFA

    oh… yeah…
    i can download it…

    i think, there was a problem in my computer…
    but now its ok..
    thx for the scanlations..

  12. Aoyagi-chan

    SO THANKS!!!!!!
    Waiting for all chaps of vol 9…
    people who do this good actions someday will find rakuen T_T
    Loveless is my fav manga/anime so I’m very grateful T^T
    For people who don’t like I will call Jigoku Shoujo +.+

  13. cinmonbuns

    You are my absolute fovorite person right now! Do you know how long I’ve been looking for this??? Now, if I can just find Gakuen Heaven (yaoi one, not the shoujo one) then I’d be in heaven ^_^

  14. Lav Post author

    But isn’t gakuen heaven a boy’s school based setting which originated from a BL game and only comes in shounen-ai [the anime form] anyway? o.O Is that the yaoi version or the shoujo one…Never knew there was a shoujo one..

  15. cinmonbuns

    I was able to find a place that did the scans for it, but they took them off and now I can’t find it anywhere. It’s the yaoi one that I want ;)
    yeah, the other one is about some guy teaching in an all-girls school.

  16. Stephanie

    Thank you for these! I remember stopping around volume 3 or 4 when it was still brand new (and therefore still in the RAW format), but yesterday I wondered if I could find any scanlations and start over again.

    Please continue posting the new chapters; I really appreciate all that you’ve done so far!

  17. Luka

    This is fantastic! D: I’m so addicted to the Loveless manga, I can barely wait to get my hands on the new volumes when they’re available for sale, despite how many times I’ve read all the scanlations. Man, I can’t wait for the next chapter to come out! *bounces*

  18. Kai

    I love the scanlations and the effort you’re putting into this, but I don’t appreciate the colored chapters. I personally think it ruins the chapter and the characters do not look as good–plus, I cannot appreciate the art as it looks as good as it does in black and white.

  19. Ahiru77

    Of course you didn’t, otherwise you could make the manga yourself ^,^…..Thanks you all for scans of Loveless. You people are the best!!!

  20. Makie

    so cool!
    yeah yeah…
    i’m stoped this…xD
    Well i’m waiting for next chapter!

  21. Frioa

    Thank you so much! This has been so wonderful to be able to read. I’m very happy~ The anime ended in the weirdest place- had to find out what was really going on. >3

  22. Loveless-Lover

    Thank you very very much!!

    You have the most recent volumes/chapters…. And plus your scanlations have great quality!!
    I love you officially from now on xD

    Thanks again, Really! *hugz u*

  23. Jam

    Thanks thanks thanks !!!! It’s a good job !!! Thanks to you i can read it! that is not possible in France !!!! i think your scanlations have great quality too !!!
    bonne continuation !!!

  24. hey...

    Will you update this page constantly???
    And if not, can somebody tell me when new chapters are out?
    Like once in a month or what?

    THX! ^_~!!!

  25. Timmeel

    Its on the Shoku-dan page
    If you scroll towards the bottom, where you see “Kyou Kara Maou – 84 (S3 06)
    Status: Complete” the post under it shows a picture if Kio. There are links to the raws and the scanlated version.

  26. Euiyeong

    sry for the random obnoxious spazz..xD
    but seriously… this… THANK YOU SO MUCH
    I’ve been looking for thisss :D

  27. Maya


    Can you write, when usually is new chapter? Is monthly ? But I don’t see new chapter about 3 month or longer…why?

    Sorry for my bad english!

  28. Layla

    I can’t dowload from megaupload…it sucks for me… but I really want to read Loveless… can you upload this in other place… like rapidshare or sendspace?

  29. BlueRiver

    This is an exceptionally rare manga and I could only find an english scanlation here so thank you for this great upload.Also manga meeya is a far better manga viewer than other programs in my opinion.People should give it a try at least.cheers!

  30. Layla

    I finally can read it!

    Thank you… without you I will be really bored now… Loveless rules…

    Someday I will read it in spanish… i really put all my hope in some editorial in spanish… but I know they won’t do it so… THANK YOU!!!

  31. Wrekodara

    Hey, I want to download all volumes, but can you upload all of them to rapidshare? Why only vol 7 uploaded in rapidshare? Or please, anyone who have the files, upload them in rapidshare and share the links here. Thanks.

  32. LiYin

    Thank you very very much for the downloads. I appreciate this very much because they don’t sell these manga here. I only have a fanbook in chinese…

    This is probably the best damn thing that happened to me since Febuary.

    Thanks again!

  33. YuKit

    Oo I have been searching for this for forever XD

    I really hope you keep this up, I’m very interested in reading more >D

    I can’t help but find this series fascinating, and while I can wait to buy them I can’t wait to read em XD I have like three of them o O; Which is pretty good, considering Boarders should get more of the TokyoPop manga in, especially Loveless. I’ll be looking forward to more XD

  34. Zelda

    Oh, thank you very much for those links. =)

    I stopped reading this manga when volume 8 was still about to come out, and I remember it was hell to find and download it all… I lost the files along with the HD, and I thought I would take a long time to find them again like before, but your site and a spanish blog helped be download it all in less than a hour. =P

    Thank you very much!

    PS: The spanish blog, if anyone is interested in rapidshare links instead of megaupload:

  35. Katsumi-san

    Thanks a lot!! this’ll be the third time i’m downloading this manga -_-‘ my computer doesn’t work very well :S:S:S

    Thanks for the links!! ^_^

  36. Karen

    Thank you very much! I’ve been buying this but sometimes I need to read the next volume so badly, can’t wait for a chance to go to the bookstore xD

  37. shoku

    I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!
    i’ve been looking for this scans XD
    the manga’s not published here T_T
    so this really helps XD
    keep going!!!

  38. Katsumi-chan

    Thanks a lot again!! yeah….fourth time i’m downloading ¬_¬
    Thanks anyway, it’s good to come here and know i can download it again! I can’t wait to see new chapters!

  39. ュリア

    Oh God, thanks so much for this!
    I´ve read the manga online a lot of times but it´s rather unhandy…
    This is much better…gonna spend the whole night reading muhaha…

  40. Hopeless Sentouki

    Woah, thank you very much!
    You’re amazing. Thank you for sharing it all!!!
    I’ve no idea how to thank you, but I’m truly happy!
    Thanks for all your hard work!
    Keep going, please!

  41. ix_tab

    Thank you so much for these uploads! It’s been really hard for me to find these in real life, so whilst I continue to save up for them I can still read them


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