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I hardly claim to be an expert at anything in particular.

However, after numerous years of using certain applications and tools, I’m bound to have learnt something interesting to share, right? So here are a few guides, or “tutorials”. Hopefully unique, but then again, you never know.

For example, I could tell you how to vexel properly in the GIMP, but that’s hardly anything since you ought to be using Inkscape if you wanted a freeware program with a vectoring capacity. But then that’s vectoring and vexelling. Hm. Oh well. I tried. Just don’t blame me if the edges are choppy in the GIMP. I hardly recommend it for this vexelling purpose. It’s really just an adaptation of the tried and true methods of old.

I could also tell you, and if I were bothered creating a tutorial, a short cut in making an original looking airbrush without just doing the good ol’ smudge. But then I had that idea ages ago in the layout with one Ms. Thora Birch. Basically a whack job of cut and paste filters and colourisations though.

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