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The links section of this site. Here you can find my favourite places on the web, and sites that I find interesting =P The sites that actually have comments for each of them (Neopets related and below) are from 2003 [I wrote them up for my old site-Lavenderpup Fanworks] so they might not work anymore)

Message boards

Avon Boards




Today Sucks



List-me Webdirectory



Yet Another Webdirectory

AcidGloss Listings

Glitter Web Directory

Pixelled Listings

Neopets related

This is Neopets.com, obviously Neopets related, i mean, they made it! (Well…Adam and Donna did!)

Neopian Helpers

My guild! Well its the one that I now co-own with Sarah_w88 and is pretty much my main guild *hugs it* MINE!

The Silver Millennium Guild

Okies, this is my always-been-in guild thats a sailor moon guild! Its by Liora16.

Kiss of Cuteness

The really CUTE(you just gotta put THAT in!), ton of members guild that I just so happen to be a part of! Ouch that would hurt trying to find where I would be if I wasn’t on the front page of the members! *squints trying to find a lil’ person outta many on the pages*

Pink Poogle Toy
A neopets help site. NOTE: Many popup ads! But its still got great info!

Need a pre-made layout for your guild? Go here! Of course you can ask me for one too!

Anime related Links

The Anime Turnpike
Ah yes, the Anime Turnpike. It has tons of links, and i wouldn’t have to be the one to type them! Gee aren’t I lazy? :P

Lycentia’s SM Graphics Shop
Really straight forward! Pre-made sailormoon website stuff!

Sailor Music. NET
Download full sailormoon cds from here! Mine you they change monthly or so, if its gone, its gone, and then you’ll have to wait till sometime like next year. Oh! And its in .OGG format so get dbPOWERamp to change it to something that you can play…or you can get Winamp from winamp.com.

Eternal Moon. ORG
Sailormoon Manga and Anime images

A Sailormoon Romance
Sailor Moon Fanfics and it only has a little bit of romance (THANK GOODNESS!) in only its category.

The Manga of Naoko Takeuchi
You can read the translated version of Naoko Takeuchi’s manga. She is the artist/writer of Sailormoon if you didn’t know.

Dragonball/Z/GT Legacy
A DB/Z/GT Info site

DB Vortex
Another Dragonball Info site

The Dragonball Fanfiction Library
Self-Explanatory, its DB/Z/GT fanfics that are here.

I think I only added this site to my favourites because its owned by a really good fanfic writer, but there’s many fanmanga here.

Search for Anime Eps here?

Other links

TONS and I mean literally tons of fanfics

An online multiplayer game

Dark Age of Wythia
Another online multiplayer game

Yet another online multiplayer game

Yes, game cheating/help heaven! Guides and stuff for practically every popular consoled game known to humans!

Mithro’s Realm
A Good Tamora Pierce/Tortal site

The Harry Potter Lexicon
Everything you need to know about Harry Potter, all the itsy bitsy details, and even more!

The Rogue. NET
Another Tamora Pierce site

Great place for plugs! J/K Its a good place if you want a hostee/host or just about anything to do with hosting.

Tag-World.com TopSites

The Australian Index

Blog Directory for Australia

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