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Darren Hayes Live at the One80Project Festival

I could write about the absolutely creepy characters on trains (I recently had this really fat asian who’s probably triple my width sit next to me and then basically follow me from seat to seat late at night which was really really creepy as I felt like I could get stabbed), but on the other hand, I could post about Darren Hayes!

Crazy Darren Hayes fan time.

So I will just post a picture where he’s within 1 metre from me at Centennial Park after pouring rain. =D
Can’t believe I braved the rain. It was a crazy downpour and I was in sandals. Boo.

Videos from the Optus One80Project Festival coming soon!

And here you go – Bloodstained Heart live!

Ahh, he’s hilarious.

More to come.

Cramming. Darren Hayes Concert. Superannuation Exam. Dolsot bowl hunting (found!). Real Steel – Movie. — Crap, I’ve become an insomniac!

On: Crammed exams
So the past two days flew by really quickly and my chronic lack of sleep is so bad that now I seriously don’t sleep until 4am and I physically can’t sleep right now which is why I’m writing run-on sentences (no Nanowrimo for me. Seriously, my exams were written without fullstops or something and it sounded like a random train of thought.
Crap. Good thing I managed to put in all the content and important points? Maybe the lecturer will just think I’m a fob, which should be close enough since my communication skills really kind of suck and I start sounding like one without any sleep and too much tea. Oh and I totally got the diagram for Defined Benefits to Defined Contribution wrong but whatever. That’s a minor part? So not sure how much I should have written per a section though. You could add in a few points or you could say alllll the points of which, when you managed to remember most of them then its a terrible situation of writing furiously for the whole two hours…

My last exam at uni forever is next Thursday!


So starting from yesterday, OH MY GOD DARREN HAYES IN CONCERT!~~~

Oh before that – I actually finished writing my notes before 3am of the day of the exam yay! Motivation’s suchh an important thing –> Like not missing the Darren Hayes concert!!

Darren Hayes Concert – 3/11/2011 – Enmore Theatre
Ohhhhhhhhh. Aural awesomeness.
He played a mix of his new album like the ones with singles but also songs like Stupid Mistake and Taken by the Sea, Savage Garden classic hits like Affirmation, Truly Madly Deeply and OH BREAK ME SHAKE ME!!~~~
Which is totally the best and in that one he incorporated some Michael Jackson tribute-y melodies and dancing. He also had some songs from the Spin album, his first solo, like… well. Spin and Insatiable.
Then he turned all pantomime with the doing heavy makeup on stage thing and sang Hot Tub Blues which is part of the whole period between This Delicate Thing We Made (he didn’t sing anything from that or The Tension and the Spark… ='( but understandable as they were his ‘understanding periods’ and it is the Secret Tour..) and Secret Codes and Battleships where he went under the name WE ARE SMUG and I don’t know what happened with that album. It was so.. strange. But cool ~

I didn’t bring a camera so I don’t have amateur snaps from my seat ='( beside blurry ones but the lights were cool and stuff and he jumps, dances and prances a lot on stage. Hehe. =D That’s cool. (Clearly, at 2.30am in the morning, my vocabulary has failed)

Dolsot bowls found!
After exams = go looking for a Dolsot bowl (and Korean food).
Where? Eastwood…
So I thought Strathfield would definitely have it and yet it didn’t and yet, Eastwood did in a tiny little Korean grocery corner shop (which is larger than it seems~).
They also stock it at A1 Kitchen Supplies though if you ask them they don’t actually call it a dolsot bowl.
Mine doesn’t have a lid so there’s no metal rim. L’s one has a metal rim but there was no sign of the lid.

Yay! Now to get sesame oil and figure out how to make dolsot bibimbap =D

Jonga Jip BBQ in Eastwood is also very very tasty and I shall go again some day.

/Note to self: Driving skills reeeally suck especially merging. Must improve in the holidays else I’ll go the long way just to avoid having to merge. And ohhh parking. I hate parking U_U” I never got that right and was so lucky it wasn’t in my driving test xD Not quite sure how to correct mistakes. Ah well, driving noob shall figure it out eventually.

Watched a movie – Real Steel is actually quite good!
So a movie about boxing robots. Hm. I was imagining more square creatures but it was really quite good. You really feel for the little robot found in a junk yard controlled by a boxing-has been that manages to knock out the biggest robot but wow. Typing that out makes it sound so cliched.
But its kind of nice. The little kid looks like a mini Bieber though.Not spoiling the movie since I think it only came out. I want to watch anonymous next since that came out well… on Thursday.

I think I’ve lost track of time. I seriously thought today was Thursday. But I guess its not.
And now I’m an insomniac because you’d think not sleeping more than 3 hours a day and having really straining I’d be a little bit more willing to go to bed and sleep…
Must be all the times I’ve nodded off =D
I can’t believe I’m starting to study for my next exam right now at this time since I have like… 5 days to study?
Something’s wrong! Hahaha.

Post focus is Darren Hayes. Look away.

Secret Codes and Battleships was released yesterday-yayayay.
Darren Hayes has a new album and oooh the concert is so sooon (and its the day before one of my exams but oooh. Sweet sweet singing~~ I missed out on going to the concert in… the very start of uni 5 years ago because I was underage. Now I finally get to hear the lovely music live!)
[On a sidenote, Sandy is Snaphappy. My dad came back from Vietnam today so I have my camera back. Last days of uni and I had to live with photos from my phone. Joyy. Not that I’m not happy my dad’s back or anything though! =D Yay~]

And I collected by tickets for the concert at last!
Yep.. purchased 28 July 2011 i.e. the day tickets were released and well… hey, it’s the 23 of October now! Two weeks before the concert.

The Tension and the Spark was so brilliant. And, well, Savage Garden too, which is what this album sounds like. The lyrics are so extensive like they tell a story and yet its catchy and that’s just two types of cool.

Being like.. probably one of the only artists (Now this is what I call.. an art form) I’d consider buying the cd of now, I’m devastated JB Hifi hasn’t delivered my preorder though, so the very fact that I could have visited the store is sliiightly irritating. But oh well. There’s always the downloaded version which I’m listening through right now =D

You can too:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H-Hti1JEMe8 Bloodstained Heart
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gJMNWTioW34 Black Out the Sun
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1g4_9vDNTh4 Talk Talk Talk

I was tempted to get the super collector edition with the vinyls but there’s no way for me to play that and I’m sure I’d be able to find the extra songs the album would come with eventually… so that’s alright. Limited edition it is. The last album was super pretty and well,
Here it is:

Based on the cover I don’t think this one looks so good since its like pieced together hipster.

Did you know there’s a massive JB-Hifi on Level 6 of Westfields Sydney?
Or the fact that you can get Ticketek tickets printed at conceirge and its so super fast with two swipes of … my credit card *twitch* though I suppose that’s because it’s for two tickets (now to find someone who doesn’t have exams or doesn’t mind me dragging them along =D =D).

Procrastinating badly. One day till my assignment is due and I’m still on like 350/3500 words ahhh @#$%^&*()_

But.. I want to listen through the album at least once? =D (I’m not through it yet so obviously I haven’t been procrastinating for long enough!)

A lot of the songs are very different and I just like the poetic lyrics that aren’t a complete repeat of perhaps 3 stanzas max.
But at the same time, I think he’s running of lyrics across everything he’s well, written.
For example, Perfect seems to be reusing one line that’s similar to another. Glorious is too “from the highest mountains” reminds me of Truly Madly Deeply.

I like Tiny Little Flashlights but the name reminds me of Random Blinking Light for some reason and as for God Walking Into the Room? God is in the room from This Delicate Thing We Made!

Are there meant to be sequels or something?

Undeniably though, the songs taken standalone are lovely. Like oh my gosh, Talk Talk Talk is great (and I have err… 5 different versions of the song) and the album has a very slow acoustic version!! =O